User can to print to local printers on MAC using Thinprint RDP client 


Terminal Server with Thinprint Engine 10 or higher

MAC OS 10.8 or higher

JUMP Desktop Client (3rd party app in appstore)

Thinprint RDP client for MAC


If the user is logging on to the server via RDP from remote location, he will need the following on the MAC:
-Jump desktop client (3rd party app)
-Thinprint RDP client for MAC

At first, download the Jump client from the AppStore, then install ThinPrint Client RDP.dmg.

NOTE: this is not a thinprint application. It is a 3rd party app that needs to be purchased via the app store.

On the server side:
-Run the Thinprint Engine setup.exe and select "modify". Then install the "Thinprint Output Gateway PS driver". Finish the installer.
-configure the server as on pg 11 (scenario 2).
(ignore the reference to ICA or TCP/IP)